Norcanna is the first and only Northern California

e-commerce direct-to-you delivery service for the

filling of your prescriptions.  We are a nonprofit

cooperative and our primary goal is to become your

preferred source for relief of the many legitimate

conditions for which your medical provider has

prescribed cannabis as treatment.

Norcanna sources its product from the most

experienced and passionate horticulturists found

from behind the Redwood Curtain, in the fertile soils

and greenhouses of Humboldt, Trinity and

Mendocino Counties’ fabled hills and valleys.  We

work with master pharmacological gardeners whose

experience precedes them, as well as Humboldt State

University botanists whose research has achieved

worldwide acclaim in the realm of cannabis


Prior to purchase, our experts have ascertained the

optimum levels of bud maturity, examining ripeness

and inspecting for flaws, such as molds and mites

that often infest even the most meticulous of growers’

harvests.  These safeguards are in place to ensure

that you receive impeccable quality from among the

highly-varied products that have been harvested at

the apex of their growth cycle.  Our cannabis is

top-shelf, with an A/B grading system, in which A is

indoor, grown in both soil and hydroponically and B

is of outdoor varietals.  All our products are grown

organically, using only natural soils, fertilizers and

pesticides.  Indoor varietals are cultivated exclusively

in environmentally-controlled “smart” rooms, where

all ambient conditions of the plants’ life cycle are

stable and controlled.

Quality control does not stop in our production

facilities.  We deliver only fresh product, sealed

immediately after curing and trimming, from

vacuum-sealed canisters, never stale.  Equally import

to protecting the product you receive, we also go to g

reat lengths to protect your privacy by maintaining a

safe, confidential, security-encrypted website when

you order.  We are confident that your browsing

experience will be enjoyable, user-friendly, simple

and affordable.

Many medical cannabis customers have had the

distasteful experience of having to drive a seedy part

of town, only to discover that the disheveled assistant

behind the counter has never experienced proper

customer service and therefore cannot possibly

deliver on providing good customer care.  Often upon

arrival you are disappointed in not finding a genuine

top-shelf selection and getting poor value for your

money.  At Norcanna, our mission is to alleviate

these issues and to do so in a discreet, professional,

and consistent fashion.  You will always be attended

to by clean-cut, friendly and compassionate staff and

the product will be of unbeatable quality and price.

Delivering to you the most effective medicine,

privately, cost-effectively and from professional,

courteous, and reputable staff is what sets us apart

from any other sources in Northern California.  As an

added bonus, our members will benefit from pricing

that reflects the huge savings of not needing to

maintain a brick and mortar dispensary.

For the most fragrant, crystalline, and hairiest

medical cannabis, delivered to you directly, contact

Norcanna to find out how you can become a member

of the easiest, highest-quality, and most

competitively-priced nonprofit cannabis dispensary

in the Valley – straight from the fog belt of the

North Coast to you, where it isn’t just the redwoods

that thrive!