What you need to know about your first delivery and our service. This is real quick and easy short of it.

1) Fill out the become member information and send .

2) Please read the RULES about NORCANNA.  Most everything you need to know will be covered  under the rules button. If not call  us, or email us by using the contact form on our site.

3)  You will receive a simple email application that needs to be signed and dated by you before our driver arrives. When you filled out the become a member, and were approved, you are now a member of our coop—simple as that. But this does not mean we do not need a physical signature by you and we will collect this with our first delivery . Our drivers will have copy’s for you to sign/  fill out— if need be.

4) A copy of your I.D and original Doctor prescription 215 paper work. If you do not have a copy – do not fret-  our delivery driver can take a scan of this information at your house!
5) Be courteous and kind on the first delivery and let us know if you have any special needs or issues we might need to know. I.e Gate code, dog, side yard, punch code for apartments …