Our History

Our founders and board members are graduates of and attended the University of California, Berkeley and Humboldt State University. As students, they were impressed by the meticulous efforts of Humboldt County cannabis growers to grow a crop of the highest quality cannabis for their clients’ needs. When Proposition 215 was passed by the voters of California, they obtained their own prescriptions for the compassionate use of marijuana. In short, with over a decade of experience growing marijuana in and out of Humboldt County, we decided that we could outpace most dispensaries in service, quality and price if we were to collaborate our talents and directly market the finest Humboldt cannabis to you over the internet.

Opening in May of 2010, we were proud to offer Humboldt County’s flagship strains of cannabis, such as the tried and true “Trainwreck” and her many crosses, as well as other standard-bearers such as “Mr. Nice” (not to be confused with Mr. Nice Guy), “Green Crack”, “Romulan”, and countless other connoisseur varietals born in the creative minds of Humboldt’s best producers. Then, we moved a bit south and nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. We currently service the greater Sacramento area, excluding the city of Sacramento, the Foothills, and parts of the Valley. We continue to grow every day!

We hope that you enjoy perusing our site and we are confident that you will have total satisfaction with your membership and future purchases! Always feel free to leave us feedback and suggestions in order for us to continue bringing you personalized compassionate member service.