Always good

Their candyland looks like the picture, it’s sticky and tastes pretty good ? always happy with norcanna delivery ?


100% best delivery service in town

I’ve heard nothing but great things from this delivery service. The flowers are top notch and better than most of the storefront dispensaries in the area. Not having a minimum and only charging $5 for delivery fee is almost impossible to find, making this delivery service one of the best around. If you don’t want to get outta the house just give these guys a call. Wonderful service and amazing product. Definitely will be returning for more medication soon.
-Chem Rocks

Chem Rocks


Dudes. seriously they just got this 501 g and Im scared cause its so good and i dont know how long itll be there. Hurry up and order for this goldmine. Top premo supremeo weedo boyo. Smaller nugs, COVERED IN KIEFY CRYSTALLY GOODNESS and hot damn i did like 2 bowls and im like little boy in high school behind a friend of a friends with his older brothers bong high. god dman fool. little goes a loong way. which is the point of buying from dispenceries right? i hope they have this forever. i hope this review encourages free love to whoever grew this dank ass shit.


5 Star Service

My bud tender / delivery guy Life fully explained product and helped with my medicinal goals by pointing me in the right direction. I love this service.


As usual, the service and the product are absolutely top notch. Norcanna is the best!


Fast delivery

Delivery was fast and driver was friendly, the bud was pretty good too